During the home search, there is often a time when buyers come across the “perfect” home that checks all the boxes – good condition, nice neighborhood, priced right – and builds excitement. After all the number-crunching, budgeting, market research, saving and spending every weekend looking at homes for sale in Fairfield and Vacaville homes for sale, you’ve found it! You and your agent submit a strong offer based on comparable area sales and current market conditions. Lo and behold, your offer is accepted. In just a few weeks, the home – and all of the maintenance and repairs it needs – will be on you to take care of. If only you knew ahead of time… Enter, our real estate and property management team.

In California, purchase agreements (offers) customarily provide prospective buyers time to have elective property inspections done, usually up to 17 days. So when searching for Vacaville homes for sale and homes for sale in Fairfield, you have a good amount of time to complete these much needed processes. The two most common types of inspections done are structural pest reports to check for termites, water leaks, fungi or mold, and dry rot, among other items, and roof inspections to check for damaged or missing shingles or tiles, bad seals, buildup of debris, and other things that may cause the roof to leak or wear out sooner than anticipated. These inspections make a lot of sense, since they are things that affect the structural integrity of the home. In fact, if you are obtaining a loan to make the purchase, the lender will almost certainly require that these inspections be done (and any needed repairs be completed before closing). Our real estate and property management team urges everyone who is planning searching for Vacaville homes for sale and homes for sale in Fairfield to complete a whole-house inspection.

Unless you are purchasing a new home that’s covered by the builder’s warranty, your Realtor will probably recommend that you have a whole-house inspection done. While the pest and roof inspections will provide you with important information about the building structure, a whole-house inspection will provide you with information about the components of the building, such as plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, the foundation, and other items that can affect the health and safety of the occupants. The inspection service will provide a detailed report indicating any issues that they come across, as well as recommendations for repair where practical. Just like any other town, Vacaville homes for sale and homes for sale in Fairfield are no exception to inspections.

Remember that perfect home? After all your hard work in searching Vacaville homes for sale and homes for sale in Fairfield, you find something wrong. What if the whole-house inspection reveals that the electrical panel there is overloaded? Or that the AC doesn’t blow cold air and is showing signs that it won’t last much longer? How old is the water heater (they last about ten years on average)? A whole-house inspection includes these and many other components that you don’t see or wouldn’t know to check but are important or even critical to know about. The point is to become aware of any issues before you’re committed to complete the purchase. You may still decide to proceed with the purchase, but you will be able to do so with the knowledge to make an informed choice. Our property management and real estate company is specialized in making sure our buyers make informed choices when on the market for Vacaville homes for sale and homes for sale in Fairfield.

When it comes time to purchasing your perfect home, why not work with one of our knowledgeable and experienced realtors? We can guide you through the entire process of searching for Vacaville homes for sale and homes for sale in Fairfield - helping you find the right property, preparing a competitive offer, coordinating inspections, and closing the sale – so that perfect home can become yours. Contact our real estate and property management company today and get started on finding that dream home the right way.