Hardwood floors have become popular with many homeowners for a number of reasons. Available in many colors and materials, hardwood floors combine great looks with durability at an affordable price. Vacaville homes for sale can really stand out with this feature. Before you decide to go all-in on hardwood floors, though, keep in mind that your hardwood floors may require some special maintenance to keep them looking nice. If you already have hardwood flooring in your home, you may already be aware of this, so this information could be helpful to you, too and for any homes for sale in Vacaville.

Minor scratches are almost inevitable. You can prevent many minor scratches by keeping the floors swept and clear of debris; a small pebble on the floor, for instance, can easily mar your floor. Also make sure your furniture is placed on rugs or have felt pads or other soft material contacting the floor (you can use rugs to temporarily cover scratches, too). Moving chairs and other furniture around is probably the most common way hardwood floors get scratched.

Fortunately, minor scratches can be easy to hide. If the scratches are very minor, using hardwood floor polish may hide them by filling in and covering them. Many hardware stores carry stain markers or colored wax sticks for filling in small scratches that polish doesn’t conceal. Stain markers are just that – markers containing small amounts of furniture stain, while wax sticks are similar to crayons, but are available in the colors of most hardwood floors. Choose the closest color match to your floor. If your color match is close but not perfect, don’t worry. The slight difference will appear as a natural variation in the wood grain. Find hardwood floor homes by browsing our Vacaville homes for sale.

Larger scratches present more of a challenge. They may require spot sanding with fine steel wool or fine-grit sandpaper, then filling the scratch with wood filler. A little more sanding to smooth the repaired area, then you’ll likely have to stain the repaired area to match the rest of the floor. Depending on your comfort level, you may want to consider calling on a flooring expert to make this type of repair.

Hardwood floors can dramatically improve the look your of home, as well as add value, and with proper care, you can keep them looking great for a long time. If you’re looking for homes for sale in Vacaville with hardwood floors, contact Community Real Estate. If you simply want to browse Vacaville homes for sale, check out our listings!