March 1, 2017 - Vacaville, CA - Crime prevention is everyone's business in local neighborhoods.  Beyond the immediate damage done by crime, high crime rates can significantly impact local housing values or even deter buyers entirely.  So, the local experts on homes for sale in Fairfield and Vacaville, Community Real Estate Services, wants to provide their local community with necessary tips to help prevent local crime.

1.  Get to know the neighbors.  When every member of a community knows, who is supposed to be there, that makes it far easier to spot people who should not be there.

2.  Always lock the house.  Failing to lock up a house, even on very short trips away from home, does not only put that house at risk.  A neighborhood known for lax lock policies becomes a magnet for crime.

3. Leave a light or two on at night.  Leaving a porch light or living room oncan be a significant deterrent to crime, by making it clear that someone is at home as well as denying them the darkness they need.

4. Keep the neighborhood clean.  Pick up litter, and report any graffiti.  A trashy neighborhood attracts the wrong elements, and graffiti can be an early warning sign of gang activity.

5. See Something, Say Something.  Police rely on reports from reliable neighbors to catch criminals in the act.

When a community pulls together, they can reduce crime and help keep their property values up.  Then when it's time to sell, Community Real Estate Services is available.

About Community Real Estate Services

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