September 29, 2017 - Vacaville, CAThose involved in property management have plenty of responsibilities, but one of the most important one is also one of the most likely to be overlooked: the smoke alarms on their property.  Community Real Estate Services wants to help remind the area's property managers to always keep their smoke detectors in proper working order.

Smoke Alarm Batteries

According to the National Fire Protection Association, two-thirds of all fire-related deaths happen in residences without functional smoke detectors.  Further, at least one-fourth of all smoke detector failures are due to nothing more than expired batteries.

For the sake of their residents, property managers should regularly check all smoke and fire alarms in all their properties for proper functionality.

Purchasing New Alarms

Further, they should be aware that the effectiveness of smoke alarms gets reduced as the alarm ages, due to the smoke-detecting materials used slowly decaying.  After approximately ten years, they become unable to function properly.  It's common for modern smoke alarms to incorporate ten-year batteries for precisely that reason - by the time the battery dies, the entire fire alarm is likely not functional either.  Rather than replacing the battery, the user simply purchases a new alarm.

Property managers should always be aware of the age of their fire alarms as well.  If it has been more than ten years since they were installed, they are almost certainly not going to function properly in the event of a fire - and that could cost lives as well as money.  

Community Real Estate Services is committed to providing superior service as both a realtor and as a property manager.

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