June 19, 2017 - Vacaville, CA-based real estate team offering homes for sale in Fairfield, Community Real Estate Services, are now recognizing the National Home Ownership Month this June. The event offers the opportunity to review the national housing strategy and to review neighborhood stability in the context of the wider economic climate.

In highlighting the fluctuations of the national housing market, it’s important to recognize the challenges that still exist on a national and local level. The theme for the 2017 National Homeownership Month is “Find Your Place in a New Era of Homeownership”. The month-long event began with an academic forum hosted by Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson to assess the state of home ownership in the country and to review the challenges millennials face in the marketplace.

The team at Community Real Estate Services recognizes the value of Federal Housing Administration services in helping millennials enter the marketplace and pinpointing lower cost properties throughout Fairfield and in major cities across the U.S. Their team is committed to helping young people find their ideal homes for sale in Fairfield, and in guiding all buyers on the value of U.S. home ownership.

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Working with a trusted specialist such as Community Real Estate Services can help buyers consolidate their costs and utilize FHA programs to better navigate the purchase process. The company and their team is available around the clock to guide prospective home buyers on the market opportunities in their area. To discover more on Community Real Estate Services, or speak to an expert, contact their offices now at (707) 447-7777 or visit www.1communtiyre.com.