June 26, 2016 - Vacaville, CA - The "Baby Boomer" generation is turning into one of the country's largest buyers of homes, even as they pass retirement age.  That is why Community Real Estate Services, one of the top options for locating homes for sale in Vacaville, is proud to announce a full lineup of services specifically for seniors looking to make the most of their retirement investments.

Buying or selling a home is an incredibly complicated process that can be difficult for even experienced buyers.  Community Real Estate Services seeks to simplify that process, making the real estate market accessible to seniors who do not have time to spend researching local laws and regulations.  Community Real Estate Services can fully explain every option a senior homeowner might have at their disposal, including selling, renting, probate, and Homeowners Association services.

Community Real Estate Services also offers full property management services, backed by a partnership with Finish Line Construction and Maintenance for a full range of physical on-site services.  Their senior specialist team is willing and able to work with seniors to ensure top-quality service, regardless of what challenges a senior may be facing in their advancing age.  When needed, they can also consult with family members to reach a group decision about the best way to handle a seniors' investment.

While there are plenty of estate services in Vacaville, Community Real Estate Services distinguishes themselves with a true commitment to customer satisfaction. 

About Community Real Estate Services

Community Real Estate Services proudly offers homes for sale in Vacaville, Fairfield, Dixon, and Vallejo, CA, backed by unmatched experience, local knowledge, and enthusiasm for the real estate business.  They offer more than twenty-five years’ total experience in local real estate, along with an extensive range of services including sales, rentals, property management, and Homeowners Association services.  Community Real Estate Services is focused on bringing every client the most possible value for their money, in every field of service.

For press inquiries or updated listings, please visit http://www.1communityre.com/ or contact 707-447-7777.