September 29, 2017 - Fairfield, CA - The housing market in the Solano County region may be a bit pinched, but the expert realtors at Community Real Estate Services say that is nothing to be concerned about.  Slight downward trends in the local market will not create unnecessary burdens for buyers and sellers, and could even create new opportunities for a rebound in homes for sale in Fairfield.

Overall, sales in July 2017 were down by approximately 15% compared to June, and down 10% year-over-year from the previous July.  However, the typical sale price has not decreased substantially, holding steady at an average of $420,000.  Community Real Estate Services sees this indicative of a lack of homes on the market, rather than a lack of consumer interest.  The buyers are there, but sellers are not -yet- meeting demand.  

Homes for Sale in Fairfield

Housing inventories in the Fairfield and Vacaville area is extremely low at the moment, with only about 1.3 months' worth of inventory on the market.  This is significantly lower than even in surrounding areas.  Sellers are apparently waiting for the right deal to come along, and are in no rush to put their homes on the general market.

This could create opportunities for the right buyers, however.  Mortgage rates are currently at lows that are nearly historical, and California continues to expand programs dedicated to helping mid-income buyers afford their dream home.  Combined, this means there are millions of Californians who could make that purchase - while also enjoying the many tax benefits that come with home ownership.

Community Real Estate Services encourages those who are interested in owning their first home to take that step, and look into how affordable the home market is at the moment.

About Community Real Estate Services

Founded by Brooke Schouten, a long-time resident of the area, Community Real Estate Services specializes in presenting homes for sale in Fairfield and Vacaville, CA.  Community Real Estate Services represents both buyers and sellers, and offers robust property management services for rental properties and HOAs. They set themselves apart from other area realtors with truly excellent customer service, as well as a deep knowledge of the area which can only come from life-long residency.  Community Real Estate Services is always accepting new buyers and sellers.

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