September 14, 2016 – Vacaville, CA— Owning real estate has long been regarded as a wise investment but it is much more complicated than simply purchasing a property.

Community Real Estate Services, the leading listing agency for homes for sale in Fairfield, is pleased to share some of the insight they have gained over the 14 years they have been in the industry. Below are the top five highly effective habits Community Real Estate encourages people to adopt in order to become a successful real estate investor.

1. They Know How to Network

Since a big portion of success in real estate investing is dependent on getting information and staying in the know about properties, a real estate investor wants to develop relationships with others in the industry who will help keep them informed and offer support. 

2. Maintain a High Level of Ethics

Often times, investors are not bound by any particular code of ethics but that does not mean they should not. Successful investors have built strong reputations for themselves because they maintain high ethical standards and do not take advantage of people or situations.

3. Know The Market

The market is constantly fluctuating which means one must need to pay close attention in order to land the best opportunities. Real estate investors who stay on top of the current housing and commercial real estate trends have a much higher level of success.

4. Know How to Delegate or Seek Help

Highly successful investors develop relationships with others whose level of expertise they can turn to for advice on their investments i.e.: accountants, lawyers, contractors, etc.

5. Protect Their Assets

Again, this is where investors take advantage of having a strong team in place such as accountants who will ensure assets are protected from high taxes and creditors. Also, make sure the insurance coverage on assets does not just cover the bare minimum, and leaves an individual fully protected. 

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