Selling is an intense process so our seller tips continue and end with part 3. When dealing with homes for sale in Vacaville or homes for sale in Fairfield, it’s important to stay on top of these seller tips.

  1. Cooperation is Key. While both the buyer and seller have the same goal (completing the sale), issues can come up that may require a little give-and-take from one on the part of both parties. In most cases, this will result in a favorable outcome for both parties. Fighting tooth and nail with a prospective buyer over relatively minor issues often leads to delays, bad feelings and potentially the loss of the sale. Keep it civil with homes for sale in Vacaville and homes for sale in Fairfield.
  2. The Buyer Doesn’t Love What You Love. Neutralize your home of bold colors, eclectic décor and other items that a buyer might find distasteful. If you’ve painted a bedroom your favorite team’s colors, for instance, it could be a reason for the buyer to reconsider.
  3. Closing Date is Move Out Date. The closing date is the date of homes for sale in Fairfield and homes for sale in Vacaville is the date that the home has been legally transferred to the buyers. They own the home now. When the closing date comes around, ALL of your belongings should have been packed and moved out and the buyers should have a clean home to move into THAT DAY – You won’t be able to hang out a few more days to finish up anything you didn’t quite get to before closing.
  4. Require the Buyer to Submit Financing Eligibility with an Offer. If you are working with a Realtor for homes for sale in Fairfield and homes for sale in Vacaville, this should be automatic. It makes sense that you would want some assurance that people looking at buying your home be financially qualified to afford it. Whether it’s you or your agent, make sure that any offer be accompanied by a statement from a lender that the prospective buyer has the assets and/or income necessary to complete the purchase.
  5. Experience Counts. Using an experienced Realtor can help your home sell faster and for more money than trying to sell it yourself. It also frees up your time, with your agent coordinating showings, reviewing offer details, and providing advice and assistance, from preparing homes for sale in Fairfield and homes for sale in Vacaville to delivering the keys to the new owners at the completion of the sale.

Some people have the time, patience, knowledge of real estate laws, and negotiating skills for handling homes for sale in Fairfield and homes for sale in Vacaville. Many don’t. If you’re considering selling your home yourself, make sure you read through all parts of this article first. Than ask yourself: “Am I prepared to sell my home?”

Adapted from Lynn Pineda, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Coral Springs,