We continue to dive into the complex world of selling. Vacaville homes for sale and Fairfield homes for sale are no exception to these tips. We’ve broken down the process into a 3 part blog series because there’s always A LOT to cover. We want sellers to feel confident so make sure to check out all three parts of this topic.

  1. Well-Maintained Homes Sell for More Money. Prospective buyers will feel more at ease with Fairfield homes for sale or Vacaville homes for sale that appear to be well-maintained and will likely worry less about issues occurring after they’ve bought the home. Buyers are generally willing to pay more for the peace of mind that comes from a home that appears well-cared for.
  2. Not Communicating Can Jeopardize the Sale. Keeping an open line of communication between you and your agent is critical. Real Estate transactions are time-sensitive, meaning that both the buyers and sellers have timelines that must be adhered to for the transaction to be successful. Failure to communicate will almost certainly lead to delays, and in the worst case, cause the sale to fall through. Be available, prompt, and courteous with Fairfield homes for sale or Vacaville homes for sale.
  3. Buyers Need to See Themselves Living There.  Chances are good that you’ve personalized your home over the years and made it your own. Now that you’re selling, it’s time to make your home look less like your prospective buyers can see themselves living there.  Since you’re going to need to pack anyway, why not start by removing the family photos and memorabilia that tells buyers it’s someone else’s home. Make it easier for them to see why they should live there.
  4.  Photos and Videos can Help You Sell. If you don’t have at a minimum, good-quality photos of your home for prospective buyers to see, there’s a good possibility that your home will be overlooked. These days, most buyers start their home searches online and want to see Fairfield homes for sale or Vacaville homes for sale, not just read about them. 
  5. Disclose defects. As the seller, one of your goals is to get the most money from Fairfield homes for sale or Vacaville homes for sale. But you never want to get a call from an attorney telling you that the buyers are suing you for not disclosing defects you tried to hide during the sale. Chances are, any additional money you may have gotten out of the sale by hiding a defect will not feel worth it if you get caught.

Selling is complex and simply frustrating. But read on to part 3 and follow these tips needed to make it all much smoother!