June 26, 2016 - Fairfield, CA - Community Real Estate Services is proud to now offer full-service rental property management to landlords across the greater Fairfield area.  With so many Fairfield homes for sale, this is an excellent time to invest in rental properties, backed by a real estate services firm with the enthusiasm and the local experience necessary for quality management.

The Community Real Estate Services staff of professionals are locally based, with extensive knowledge of the surrounding areas.  They are fully equipped, certified, and licensed to manage properties full-time, from move-in to move-out.  

This is backed by an extensive state-of-the-art database system, tracking all owners, renters, and payments made.  The system guarantees accurate monthly cash-flow statements month after month, along with all necessary tax documentation and year-end statements.  For the convenience of renters, the system also accepts electronic payments hassle-free, meaning "the check is in the mail" is no longer an excuse.  

Community Real Estate Services can even go a step beyond the competition, offering a wide variety of physical and digital advertisement placements as well.  Whether the property is for sale, lease, one-time placements, or fully managed rentals, Community Real Estate Services is fully up to the task.

With the real estate boom in full swing in California, there is no better time to investigate Fairfield homes for sale and their huge potential for investment.  Community Real Estate Services helps ensure every value brings the most possible return on that investment.

About Community Real Estate Services

Based out of Vacaville, CA, Community Real Estate Services offers a wide variety of realtor and rental functions, including home sales and rental management.  They have an extensive database of homes for sale and rent throughout Solano, Contra Cost, and Napa Counties, with more than 25 years' experience.  As a customer-focused business, Community Real Estate Services seeks to bring maximum benefits to every client, regardless of role or services provided.

For more information or press inquiries, visit http://www.1communityre.com/ or contact 707-447-7777.